Six Steps to A Peaceful Holiday Season - Kimberly Thompson

The holidays are almost here! If that thought makes you more tense than happy, work through these six steps to bring the peace back into the season.

1. Decide what’s important. There are many aspects to the holiday, including presents to buy and wrap, food to prepare, music to listen to, parties and get-togethers to attend, and decorations to plan and install. There’s really too much for anyone to do everything. Sit down with your family and decide what is the most important to all of you – put those things on the calendar first.

2. Constantly simplify. The holiday season is always expanding and growing. Every year take inventory of what has expanded too much, what has outlived its usefulness, and what is no longer fun or meaningful. Streamline your holiday list down to what adds value to your celebration. Don’t feel guilty for ditching the rest!

3. Adapt. Every year something has changed. Children are born. Children develop sensitivities to foods, to noise, to car travel, and the like. Parents and grandparents age out of activities. Teens start pulling away. Some traditions stop serving you well, and it’s time to stop doing them. Instead, develop new traditions that work better for you and your family.

4. Do what makes you (and yours) happy. In today’s overstimulating world, maybe the best thing you can do is make the holidays a time of rest and quiet. Or, maybe it works better to have a lot of things planned so that there’s a firm schedule in place. Whatever works.

5. Preserve the meaning. Whether it’s a religious meaning, a celebration of family and friends, or a preparation for the coming of a new year, focus on the meaning to give structure to your decisions about what to keep and what to quit.

6. Always, always do it your way. Meaning, of course, you and your family’s way!

These six steps are adapted from my recent Facebook Live presentation. Hop on over to the Mommy Mentor page if you prefer video to the written word.

Happy, happy celebrating!