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Online Therapy

​Online therapy is a great option for many women. It enables you to receive quality maternal mental health care across great distances. It removes limitations caused by medical conditions, such as not being cleared after your c-section to drive. It can help you ease into the challenges of motherhood, because you are not required to get a babysitter or to take the baby out in bad weather. Travel time is not an obstacle, and it is both private and convenient. Dr. Thompson uses a high-quality online platform that is compliant with applicable privacy laws.

Some things you should know about online therapy: No matter where you live in the state of Texas, if you are a woman who is pregnant, postpartum, or a mother of small children, you can work with Dr. Thompson using this technology. There is a two-step process for deciding if online therapy is the right choice considering your problems or concerns. Step one is simply completing the intake questionnaire (sent through the client portal) and other initial paperwork. Step two is meeting Dr. Thompson online for an initial consultation. Once she has gotten a big-picture idea of your situation, she will make a determination about whether online therapy is appropriate. You will need to provide a state-issued ID with an in-state home address, two emergency contacts, and a credit/debit/HSA card for payment.