Mom to Mom: A Mother's Day Gift for You! - Kimberly Thompson

Here’s a Mother’s Day gift early! Some of the most awesome moms I know share the wisdom they either have received from others or that they wish that they had known when raising their children.

Here goes!

* This too shall pass. (Laurie)

* Bedtime is a vulnerable time when your children will share things with you that they would not necessarily share at other times of the day. (Stacey)

* Stop doing “stuff.” Hold them. Play with them. Every day. (Lisa)

* The gift of your time is a great gift, and it’s free! (Mary)

* Love the imperfections along with everything else. (Julia)

* Will it matter in 5 years? If not, don’t get stuck worrying about it. (Sonja)

* Don’t save stuff for the “perfect” time to use it. My mom taught me to use the good dishes and not to worry if they got broken, because they are for using . (Gayle)

* About discipline – both parents should handle any disagreements about it out of the children’s hearing. (Christina)

* Keep your word – that includes both promises of good things and promises of consequences for misbehavior! (Kim M.)

* Make memories now! (Lara)

* It is OK that the decisions your kids make are not always what you would do. Be there and support them no matter what. (Suzanne)

* Slow down, put down the cell phone, and just be with your kiddo. (Dawn)

* Your children are guests in your life, and God has sent them temporarily into your hands for your care. (Sue)