Introducing the Mommy Mentor! - Kimberly Thompson

Would it be great to have a trusted mentor that would guide you in your toughest mommy situations? Someone who could combine the best of traditional wisdom with the ability to understand where you are coming from? You have come to the right place.

As The Mommy Mentor, I combine a unique set of life experiences, academic knowledge, and common sense … swish them around a little … and produce some insights that I want to pass on to the current generation of Mommies of Littles-and-Not-So-Littles.

· I am a mother of four children … three of whom I personally made myself, one that joined our family as a toddler.

· I am the mother of three boys (my personal creations) and one girl (our very own Romanian-American). All of my kids are grown now, and have launched themselves into the world. Every one of them is strikingly distinct from the others. We do not (not, not) have one of those families where everybody goes into the same field, makes cookie-cutter life decisions, and walks in lock-step.

· I am the grandmother … of several. I hesitate to give a number because as of this writing that is still changing! You will meet some of them from time to time (because when your Gamma is the Mommy Mentor, you become an illustration of her ideas).

· I am a clinical psychologist that focuses on helping moms. It is important to me to keep up with current parenting trends and issues. My profession not only demands that I keep up with academic knowledge, but also that I am able to take a variety of viewpoints. Having empathy for your struggles and joys as a mom is a major ingredient, too.

· I am also a midlife woman. When I was raising 4 kids, I didn’t know how fun midlife and the empty nest would be. It was really hard to see beyond the mommy years. Somebody once said, begin with the end in mind. Not just the “end product” of adult children, but also who you want to be when the empty nest rolls around. I want to help you with that!


     I am Dr. Kimberly Thompson, a clinical psychologist in private practice in Lubbock, Texas. I work with mothers and their children to help them heal, grow, and live their most vibrant lives. My particular expertise is pregnant and postpartum women, and moms of “littles.” My book, Perfect Mothers Get Depressed, is available on Amazon and from Praeclarus Press. If you live within driving distance of Lubbock, you can work with me face-to-face; if you live anywhere else in the state of Texas, you can work with me via online therapy. Send me a message if you need more information, or call my office at (806) 224-0200 if you’re ready to book an appointment.