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Individual Psychotherapy

Your story is unique, and so are the challenges that you face. Your individual therapy should come from the right person with the right expertise.

Once you have made the decision to commit to therapy, here is what you can expect:

  • Dr. Thompson schedules most clients for an entire hour. She believes strongly that allowing plenty of time for all elements of psychotherapy in every session leads to faster, more robust improvement.
  • You should plan on a course of treatment that lasts 8 to 12 sessions. This may actually end up being fewer than 8 or more than 12, depending on your evaluation and your personal wishes. Dr. Thompson prefers to schedule clients once a week until they are feeling significant relief, but this is quite flexible.
  • Payment information, including information about insurance, is available on the Rates and Services page. Call the office for more extensive help.

Dr. Thompson says:

“Individual psychotherapy is the core of what I do. It is a sacred hour of collaboration between me and someone who is in pain. I may have spent years of my life becoming a psychologist, but I don’t approach that sacred hour with an ‘I know everything’ attitude. I am very aware of the reason that I have poured so much of my life into my profession: Because it is an awesome responsibility and honor when somebody trusts you with their pain. If you come to me for help, then we become a team. We both bring something vital to the table.”