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What can I expect if I enter therapy?

Dr. Thompson asks everyone to plan on 8 to 12 sessions, each lasting forty-five minutes. Session 1 is devoted to getting to know you and evaluating what your needs are. Dr. Thompson will then put together a flexible and individualized treatment plan. At session 6, you and Dr. Thompson will review your progress together and the plan will be updated if needed. Whether you complete therapy in 8 sessions or continue to 12 depends on your progress toward your goals. There are situations in which clients achieve their desired goals in less than 8 sessions, and others in which more than 12 sessions are either desired or recommended. The frequency of therapy sessions is flexible, but Dr. Thompson prefers to have weekly sessions at first and then to taper to every-two-weeks as you respond to therapy. The last step is a few monthly sessions to make sure your gains are solid.

Dr. Thompson rarely schedules sessions more than once a week. This is because the most important work happens between sessions, when you start practicing what you are learning. The confidence you gain from experimenting with new ways of being will propel you toward your goals.

What is Dr. Thompson’s treatment philosophy?

Therapy is a powerful way to stimulate personal healing and growth. Dr. Thompson is a cognitive-behavioral therapist that believes strongly in following evidence-based principles when working with you. Evidence-based principles are guidelines that are well grounded in research and have been shown to work. In addition to traditional cognitive-behavioral interventions, she also uses interpersonal, mindfulness-based, and constructivist therapies to help patients heal and reach their personal goals. Your course of treatment will be tailored to your personal needs and your personality.