Exploring the Unconscious Mind, Part 3

We have already discovered the intimate bonds between physiology and psychology. We have discovered how there are more ways of knowing than conscious processing. We now need to know how to harness these discoveries to heal from mental, emotional, behavioral, and medical distress. I believe in a multimodal approach to healing: After you have identified what works and what is...[ read more ]

Have a Healthy Holiday! Six Things You Can Do To Make It Happen

The problem with making healthy choices during the holidays isn’t lack of knowledge, it’s lack of motivation! It can be very hard in the moment to turn down stuff that isn’t on your eating plan, or scrape yourself out of bed to go to the gym. So, I’ve put together a set of six modest things you can do between...[ read more ]

Ten Reasons to Be Thankful

     Writing about Thanksgiving to an audience of mothers is tough. Some of you are very excited about the holiday. You have a loving and supportive extended family that you are looking forward to spending time with. Either you like to cook or somebody else is doing the cooking. Good stuff has happened to you and your kids this...[ read more ]