Easter Musings

I have seldom been able to convince my husband to attend a sunrise service on Easter morning. Last year I think he mumbled something about volunteering to sit outside in the cold and dark being unnatural. (Probably why he has never taken up deer hunting). He truly is the engine that has gotten us to church, as well as Sunday...[ read more ]

Mindful Mothering

Do you ever find yourself not really present in anything you do? When you are with your child, your thoughts are on work or your to-do list; when you are at work or running errands, your thoughts are on your child. This is backwards and robs you of the satisfaction that comes from being totally invested in anything. Practice being...[ read more ]

Hurray for “Babies”!

I saw the movie “Babies” last night. It is a marvelous documentary of the lives of four infants around the world, from birth to toddlerhood. The babies were from San Francisco, Tokyo, rural Mongolia, and rural Namibia. I was struck by both the similarities and differences. Here are some of my take-aways: All babies cry in the same language. Babies...[ read more ]

Food Fight!

Ah, food issues. Aren’t they just great? Sarcasm intended. If food issues in your home have escalated into a battle royal --- or if you are just tired of pouring love, thought, and lots of work into preparing food only to have it rejected or complained about --- it’s time to rethink the whole thing. This is not going to...[ read more ]

Revisiting – and Rethinking – the Mommy Wars

Preparing Your Preschooler for Kindergarten

Your sweet little toddler or preschooler is going to be a cute kindergartener in just a few short years. Here are some suggestions from the kindergarten teacher’s point of view on how to emotionally prepare her for kindergarten. When preparing your child for school always keep in mind that the teacher is sharing her time with a group of children,...[ read more ]

Facts on the Fly to Keep Your Mommy Sanity

You can’t control anybody but yourself. Not your baby. Not your child. Certainly not your teenager. Not your own mother. Not your husband. Not your best friend. You have to set priorities. If everything is important, nothing is important. The trivial will take over your life if you let it. Taking care of yourself = having the stamina to take...[ read more ]

But I Can Do It Better! The Case for Chores

Why on earth would you want a toddler putting things away, or a six-year-old folding towels? You can do it better and faster. Your child can spend her time playing, reading or learning calculus (I’m sure your offspring never spends her time emptying the junk drawer or squabbling with her siblings). If you look at it that way, teaching your...[ read more ]

Begin With the End in Mind

From the time we give birth to our beloved children, we are preparing them to live as independent adults. First comes merely breathing on their own … but within a year or so that totally dependent newborn has turned into a toddler. The years speed by in a blur. We don’t have long to teach them the things they need...[ read more ]

Introducing the Mommy Mentor!

Would it be great to have a trusted mentor that would guide you in your toughest mommy situations? Someone who could combine the best of traditional wisdom with the ability to understand where you are coming from? You have come to the right place. As The Mommy Mentor, I combine a unique set of life experiences, academic knowledge, and common...[ read more ]

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