The Tech-ing Cure

     The talking cure has been around for well over a hundred years. Its effectiveness is real and profound, although the exact reason why it works remains elusive. Those who have been cured of their emotional and psychological distress through talk therapy say that it has to do with being heard without being judged, and with being able to unburden...[ read more ]

Holiday Hand Grenades

Holidays can be tricky, a little like handling a live grenade. Just about everybody has at least one family member that’s quite difficult, and you need to handle that little grenade with care. Do you have any of these delicate issues this season? - Someone you have absolutely nothing in common with. - Someone you can count on to be...[ read more ]

Have a Healthy Holiday! Six Things You Can Do To Make It Happen

The problem with making healthy choices during the holidays isn’t lack of knowledge, it’s lack of motivation! It can be very hard in the moment to turn down stuff that isn’t on your eating plan, or scrape yourself out of bed to go to the gym. So, I’ve put together a set of six modest things you can do between...[ read more ]

Six Steps to A Peaceful Holiday Season

The holidays are almost here! If that thought makes you more tense than happy, work through these six steps to bring the peace back into the season. 1. Decide what’s important. There are many aspects to the holiday, including presents to buy and wrap, food to prepare, music to listen to, parties and get-togethers to attend, and decorations to plan...[ read more ]

Sexual Harassment & The Dark Triad

       I really didn’t want to write about sexual harassment. It’s all over the news; there seemed to be nothing left for me to say. I was actually trying to avoid reading too deeply about Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, and others. Then I read an article describing what NBC’s Matt Lauer is being accused of: a persistent, long-term,...[ read more ]

That’s How the Light Gets In

Ring the bells that still can ring Forget your perfect offering There is a crack, a crack in everything That’s how the light gets in. -Leonard Cohen, “Anthem” My husband and I arrived home last night, after five wonderful days of family time. We rented a home in a central location and family members came and went throughout the Thanksgiving...[ read more ]

Ten Reasons to Be Thankful

     Writing about Thanksgiving to an audience of mothers is tough. Some of you are very excited about the holiday. You have a loving and supportive extended family that you are looking forward to spending time with. Either you like to cook or somebody else is doing the cooking. Good stuff has happened to you and your kids this...[ read more ]


We learned this week that Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky has been in the hospital with broken ribs and fluid on his lungs, after being attacked from behind by his next-door neighbor while mowing his lawn with earplugs in place. At first there was speculation that there had been a longstanding feud between the two, but at this writing Senator...[ read more ]

The Death of Private Behavior

  During the World Series playoffs this week, the Astros’ Yuli Gurriel made what is being called a racially insensitive gesture against the Dodgers’ Yu Darvish. Gurriel, a native of Cuba, also mouthed the word “chinito” (roughly, “little Chinese boy”) at Darvish. In an earlier era, the incident probably would have passed with very few people ever knowing about it,...[ read more ]

The Five Pillars of Tribe Building

 Our culture can feel like a strong current, sweeping families downstream with its force. There are many, many moms who are swimming against the current. They are swimming against the use of sexualized messages in marketing to their children, the gratuitous violence in video games and movies, the junk in the grocery stores, the injustices that pour in from everywhere, the...[ read more ]

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