But I Can Do It Better! The Case for Chores

Why on earth would you want a toddler putting things away, or a six-year-old folding towels? You can do it better and faster. Your child can spend her time playing, reading or learning calculus (I’m sure your offspring never spends her time emptying the junk drawer or squabbling with her siblings). If you look at it that way, teaching your...[ read more ]

Begin With the End in Mind

From the time we give birth to our beloved children, we are preparing them to live as independent adults. First comes merely breathing on their own … but within a year or so that totally dependent newborn has turned into a toddler. The years speed by in a blur. We don’t have long to teach them the things they need...[ read more ]

Perfection Is The Enemy of the Good

It is possible to try too hard to get this motherhood thing “right.” A vegetable garden can’t grow if you keep digging up the plants to see how they’re doing, and your confidence as a mother can’t flourish if you keep turning every little incident over and over in your mind. Cut yourself some slack. Engage in self-compassion rather than...[ read more ]

Introducing the Mommy Mentor!

Would it be great to have a trusted mentor that would guide you in your toughest mommy situations? Someone who could combine the best of traditional wisdom with the ability to understand where you are coming from? You have come to the right place. As The Mommy Mentor, I combine a unique set of life experiences, academic knowledge, and common...[ read more ]