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Do you feel stressed out and overwhelmed? Maybe you're pregnant and instead of being blissful, you're a nervous wreck. Or maybe you had a baby in the past year and what you thought was the baby blues just won't go away. You might have medical issues, relationship challenges, or career demands that are leaving you exhausted and drained. Perhaps you are a healing or helping professional that has realized that you could be approaching burnout. You are wise if you realize that to care for others, you must first care for your own needs.


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Most services will continue to be online for the next few months. Please contact Dr. Thompson’s office for up-to-date information on in-person services. This is due to the local surge in COVID-19 cases and the difficulty in predicting how long the surge will last or if it will recur in the fall. Consider this: telehealth protects you from a potential office-based exposure to COVID-19, and it also ensures that if either you or Dr. Thompson are exposed and quarantined (but are not sick enough to cancel therapy), therapy can continue uninterrupted.

Dr. Thompson is now accepting new clients for psychotherapy as well as psychological assessments.

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